After the Crash comes the Silence, the Digestion and the Rebirthing.

I reborn with a shoe brand :something as mine as a child but it didn't come out from my vagina but my mind and my hands.

The brand is my name: GIOIA MAINI, unpronounceable in many languages, it stays stamped on my shoes' sole.

This collection's heavy industrial look came from the connection I stablished between pictures of wasted cars and images of my mom, Diana, from the 70's.

Every shoe is hand-made and its material reveals its presence in each step. There are brush strokes on the surface which will guide your way while the "clic" of their buckle gives you the beginning of your new story.

These shoes have been created to become fetish pieces for wedges lovers: feminine women who stomp and brave men willing to fly high. I've named this LIMITED EDITION collection: DIANA, like my mom.

Each design is a Diana: D.Ross, D.Keaton, D.Gold, D.Lady, D.Prince and D.Hunter. Get your pair!