Following the debut collection, DIANA, arrives DEMONIO, an exploration of our internal struggles with our daily demons, and the means by which we combat them.

Scared kids see demons under their beds, “adult kids” transform them in anxiety, paranoia, depression and sickness …

Working from the perspective that “Hell can be fun if you´re with the right demon”, Gioia´s designs are a playful confrontation of personal conflict, where humour and self-acceptance are channeled into something to enjoy, something to play with. A tribute to the beauty of grotesque.

Returning to an early love of drawing, DEMONIO began as a series of sketches and illustrations, developing into pattern designs used on the fabrics of the collection as well as inspiring the forms and shapes of the shoes themselves. Ironicly naming each shoe after a farmaceutical drug gives each design a rebellious edge.

These demons are not to be feared, but to be embraced and dance with. The flashes of teeth, popping eyes and agape mouths seen in the collection suggest a freedom from constraint, a Sassy, outspoken, sincere and playful attitude. These are not shoes you wear to blend in.

Don’t kill your Demons, they are part of you, come and dance with them!. …Hell is waiting.